A Purple Life Celebrates Early Retirement at 30 [022]

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A comfortable career, a house, kids, then retirement. This well-worn path of adulthood has been challenged as people question which things are truly fulfilling and bring joy.

“Purple” started writing to document her journey towards the life she desired. Three years after writing privately, she made her blog, A Purple Life, public to share her thoughts and experiences with others. She talks with Chris about her start on the journey to financial independence and the choices she makes to reach her audacious goals.

  • The unusual way she got introduced to the Financial Independence movement
  • What she did when her dream job didn’t work out
  • Why she finally decided to make her private writings a public blog after three years
  • The difficult choice between being honest with her identity or with her finances

In 2015 Purple started her blog and hatched a plan to retire in ten years at 35. With the help of decreased spending, increased wages, and geo-arbitrage she’s on track to reach her goal in half the time and retire in September 2020 at age 30. Her blog catalogs her journey to and through early retirement.

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