Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: July 24, 2020

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As we near closer to the end of July many of us are still facing quarantine and putting ourselves out on the front lines of activism in so many different ways; Feminists, BLM supporters, health activists, financial literacy advocates. Whatever way you support the causes that matter, you’re making a difference in the world and everything you’re doing is of vital importance. This week we’re bringing to content centered around important issues to serve as a reminder of what’s important right now.

Nominations for the Plutus Awards closed out this week and we’ll be announcing the finalists on August 17th. You can join us for the Plutus Awards Live and online October 3rd to find out who wins and enjoy some really great programming our Plutus Awards team is putting together as we speak! We have some great sponsorships available for this year’s Plutus Awards ceremony which you can learn more about here:

This week we had an informative webinar on how to leverage TiKTok and Instagram with some resident personal finance social media experts, hosted by Sarah Potter. Check out the free webinar on Facebook Live and circle back to the Plutus Awards Podcast in a few weeks to listen in on the exciting replay.

Replenish after recovery – how to get back on track after unexpected events

“Job layoffs, medical emergencies, pandemic and family loss are just a few of the many things that we all will witness during our lifetimes. In the midst of unfortunate events, how can we properly bounce back without veering off course? ” – The Finance Bar

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Why I stand with the protesters

“What’s going on in this country is not lawlessness. First of all, the majority of protests around the country are peaceful. But even for those that aren’t, this is a very real, very understandable reaction to hundreds of years of oppression, racism and unheeded, blatant police brutality. That brutality — let alone murder — is what’s lawless.” – I Pick Up Pennies

Let’s Talk: 30+ Things You Can Do to Fight Racism

“Money-wise, the economic state of Black America in 2020 is a crying shame. That needs to be addressed, for sure. But for now, I want to talk about some of the things you can personally do to help fight racism.” – Jackie Beck

Why Do Principals Move Teachers Around?

“Twice in ten years. That’s how often I stayed in the same teaching assignment for consecutive years. I volunteered for teacher moves, because I didn’t mind moving while most of my colleagues hated or feared it.” – Educator FI

Why A Man is Not A Financial Plan

“I know more women than I can count that let their male partners do the “big” and “important” financial tasks, like investing for retirement. There’s plenty o’ research to back up my observation: This study says married women take control of major financial decisions only 27% of the time.” – Her First $100k

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