Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: September 18, 2020

The Plutus Awards team highlights the best in financial media every week in the Plutus Awards Showcase. To submit an item you’ve written, created, or found for next week’s feature, follow us on Twitter.

Submit to the community slideshow! Each year we showcase our community’s life updates and it is definitely one of the highlights of the awards show. Send us your update here.

This week we are featuring the best in video channel content via our finalists in the 11th Annual Plutus Awards, brought to you by Capital Group! These video moguls come from Instagram, YouTube, and across the pond in Portugal! This year’s finalists list is HUGE and we can only feature five, so here’s the list of all the finalists:

Clever Girl Finance
Frugal Chic Life
Graham Stephan
Hey Berna
Investing Latina
Let’s Talk Money!
Our Rich Journey
The Broken Wallet
The Financial Diet
Two Cents

We’ve officially opened nominations for people’s choice which you can nominate someone for by going to Trophy sponsorships are also still available! Here are the categories still available:

Best Current Events Content Related to Personal Finance
Best International or Expat Finance Content
Best Real Estate Content
Best Traditional Retirement Content
Best Video Blogger or YouTube Channel

Catch up on this week’s episode of the Plutus Awards podcast! Sarah Potter is joined by Miranda Marquit, Wilson Muscadin, and Rebecca G. Neale to talk about this dire situation. They share how they and their children are being affected and the tools they are using to navigate these times.

How do I help my family save money?

“We’re talking about money + family again, y’all, and this one hits close to home.⁣⁣” – Berna Anat

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How to Deal with Debt Collectors!

“No matter what circle of Debt Collection Heck you’re stuck in, we’ve got the tips that will help you claw your way back to the surface!” – Two Cents

5 tips to increase you Financial Literacy in partnership with Next Advisor

“I share 5 tips that you can use to increase your financially literacy and become more powerful! ” – Investing Latina

We Retired Early in Portugal | SEE OUR MINIMALIST HOME

“Almost one month ago, our family of four reached financial independence, retired early, and moved to Lisbon, Portugal. ” – Our Rich Journey

How To Make Your First Budget (At Any Income)

“Here is the second episode of The College Student’s Guide To Money! In this episode, Chelsea walks you through everything you need to know to make your first budget, no matter how much money you have coming in. ” – The Financial Diet

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