Survive the Childcare and Education Crisis of 2020 [043]

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2020 has brought a lot of challenges due to the pandemic and the child care and education crisis is one of the largest. As parents manage their children’s emotional health and schedules on top of their own work situations, the lack of consistency and resources is taking its toll.

Sarah Potter is joined by Miranda Marquit, Wilson Muscadin, and Rebecca G. Neale to talk about this dire situation. They share how they and their children are being affected and the tools they are using to navigate these times.

  • Sacrifices they’ve made to handle their work and child care difficulties
  • How the child care crisis is changing the economy
  • The reason the child care crisis is a problem for everyone
  • Some solid strategies to mitigate this crisis right now

About Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit, MBA, is a single mom, freelance financial writer, and nationally recognized financial expert. She’s written about childcare, teaching teens about money, and various other family finance topics. Her work on investing and student loans has appeared in numerous media outlets, including NPR, The Hill, U.S. News & World Report, Forbes Advisor, and Yahoo! Finance. She is an avid podcaster, contributing to the weekly Money podcast from Money Talks News. She also helps other freelancers learn how to make a living online with the Freelance Writer Academy. Miranda lives in Idaho with her teenage son, where they enjoy travel, the outdoors, and playing board games.

Follow Miranda on Twitter.

About Wilson Muscadin

Wilson Muscadin is a Certified Financial Education Instructor with a goal to build a community of young professionals, to talk about conquering their finances now so they can live the lives they want to live. Wilson has been a personal finance nerd since he was a kid and has been working for the financial services industry his whole career. He has volunteered with organizations such as Junior Achievement, Operation HOPE, Capital Good Fund, and the SIFMA Foundation to speak and teach financial literacy across the country.

Follow Wilson on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

About Rebecca G. Neale

Rebecca G. Neale has years of experience advocating for clients in the courtroom and the conference room, and enjoys helping people navigate some of the most difficult chapters of their lives.

She has represented and advised over 300 clients in divorce cases, housing proceedings, Social Security appeals, and more. Rebecca has represented homeowners in nationwide class action lawsuits against banks and small businesses in contract disputes, and clerked for the highest state courts in New York and California.

Before she became a lawyer, Rebecca was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Turkmenistan and a community health educator in Marin County, California.

Follow Rebecca on Twitter and Facebook.

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