Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: December 11, 2020

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Time for some back to basic financial Friday highlights from around the personal finance web. As you’re getting ready for the holidays are you also making sure to take care of your budget?

The True Cost of Car Ownership

“Should I sink more money into this rusty piece of junk? Or just get a new car? Every car owner faces this question–and many others!—and must understand the true cost of car ownership to find the answer. In that way, car expenses are darn close to a personal finance must-know!” – Best Interest

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Year End Tax Planning Strategies For 2020 With Mistakes To Avoid

“If you track your spending; you will notice that often taxes are the biggest expenses. Because most taxes are usually deducted at source; we do not notice the huge bite taken by the government. ” – Financial Freedom Countdown

REIT investing vs. index funds, eREITs, and properties

“Anytime I talk about my passion for real estate and finances, I typically get “Oh yeah, I’m in the same boat. I do REIT investing.” This typically comes from “experts” who’d tell you that REIT stocks should be in every portfolio… YEAH RIGHT! ” – Five Year Fire Escape

The Difference Between The Fire Movement and Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps

“Today, we are going to take a look at Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and see how they compare to the principles of the FIRE Movement (which stands for Financial Independence Retire Early). We will examine each method and see where the Baby Steps and the 6 Financial Independence tenets diverge as well as the Pros and Cons of Each.” – House of FI

Bias in Personal Finance

“Personal finance is a very nuanced, complicated, and personal topic for every person involved. That said, the basic formula underlying the entire process for wealth accumulation and retirement isn’t a secret. ” – Plaza and Main ST

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