Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: December 4, 2020

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The holidays are getting closer! This week we’re highlighting some holiday finance blogs that cover financial stress, purchases to avoid, and how to deal with being broke at Christmas.

Take a look at this week’s highlights.

How to Combat Financial Anxiety This Holiday Season

“If you struggle with financial anxiety, you’re far from alone. According to a recent study from Personal Capital, 65% of Americans say their financial anxiety impacts their overall confidence and 64% say their mental health is affected by money.” – Tayne Law Group

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Your Debt Proof Guide to the Holidays

“The holidays may seem far away, but in a few short weeks (9 to be exact!), you’ll be sitting down to a Thanksgiving meal and browsing Black Friday deals. This is why it’s important to prep your budget now so you can avoid going into debt later this season.” – Andrea Woroch

How To Deal With Being Broke On Christmas

“There are few times of year at which it feels worse to be short on cash than the holidays. And for those of us who celebrate Christmas — arguably the most commercial and gift-centric of all the major holidays — the pressure to go into debt to make sure you’re “doing it right” is overwhelming. ” – The Financial Diet

Christmas on a Budget: How to Save Money for Christmas!

“Ever asked yourself – How can I have a great Christmas on a budget? Well, Christmas is notoriously a time when people spend tons of money and rack up tons of debt buying Christmas gifts for their loved ones. ” – Clever Girl Finance

20 Useful Gifts for Your Frugal Friend

“Most frugal people don’t want you to buy them THINGS just for the sake of things. Many are super practical and want everything to have a purpose, specifically a money-saving purpose. Frugal people enjoy getting useful gifts that they can use. ” – A Dime Saved

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