Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: December 3, 2021

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Tax Planning for Inflation

“Inflation is yet another tax planning consideration. As we are now in a period of significant inflation, taxpayers and advisors will need to weigh inflation’s potential impact on tax strategies. ” – The FI Tax Guy

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Merry Frugal Christmas! 14 Ways to Celebrate on a Budget

“Here are 14 ways to have yourself a merry (frugal) Christmas without blowing the budget.” – Rich Frugal Life

Why Everything That Feels OK at Age 29 Feels Behind at Age 30 ft Kayleen Schaefer

“Kayleen Schaefer joins Marcus Garrett to talk about what it means to be in your 30s, and how to navigate some of the biggest milestones of adult life.” – The Marcus Garrett Show

Playtirement Preservation Stage

“This blog post will be the first in more than likely a series of posts detailing our wealth preservation stage during early retirement. Please read on as we describe what we think we will do when drawing down our investments in playtirement. ” – Playtirement

Christmas on a Budget: How to Save Money for Christmas!

“With these tips, you should be able to put a solid plan in place to avoid holiday debt and come out on the other side of the Christmas season with your financial goals intact.” – Clever Girl Finance

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