Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: May 28, 2021

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We’re gearing up for season 4 of the Plutus Awards Podcast, hosted by Sarah Li-Cain, premiering mid June. We are including a segment addressing questions from YOU in every episode. So leave us a voicemail with your question about your business or your community — or about anything we do here at the Plutus Foundation. Make sure you tell us where listeners can find you, as well. Call 844-4-PLUTUS (844-475-8887) and hit extension 2 to leave a message for us. We’ll answer only as many questions as we have episodes this season, so make it good!

I Need Money Desperately! 17 Ways to Get Emergency Cash

“Are you yelling into the void: I need money desperately?! Sometimes you need emergency cash, and you need it now! Try some of these ideas to get some quick cash when you need money desperately. ” – A Dime Saved

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Financial Literacy 101: Teaching Children About Money

“As parents, we want to see our children succeed in life. A critical factor in their success is building a strong foundation in financial literacy to grow into independent adults. Here are five topics of financial literacy to teach children and help them form a healthy relationship with money and reach for their financial independence: Earning, Spending, Saving, Borrowing, and Investing. ” – The Good Money Life

9 Steps to be Fiscally Responsible

“Being fiscally responsible is something that everyone should learn. It is a part of life and it can help you reach financial freedom within your life. We all need to be responsible for our money. It really starts with these steps that I have laid out for you. ” – The Frugal Expat

Working from Home as a Virtual Assistant and Military Spouse with Kelly Madden

“Join Mike Cavaggioni and Kelly Madden on the 45th episode of the Average Joe Finances Podcast as they discuss the world of virtual assistants and working from home as a military spouse.” – Average Joe Finances

6 Things I Want My Teenager to Know About Money

“I wish someone would have sat me down and given me more financial advice when I was younger. Would I have listened? Would it have made a difference? I want to make sure that my children learn the lessons now that I had to learn the hard way. Here are the things I want my teenagers to know about money.” – Family Money Adventure

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