Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: September 24, 2021

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While you wait for that, you can hear from many of the Plutus Awards finalists and winners on our amazing podcast . Tune in to glean from their experiences in business and more.

I Made It In 6 Years- Financial Independence

“As I sit here I can’t believe I made it in 6 years – financial independence. This post came faster than I would have expected it to. Yet, I had a few things on my side that helped accelerate me to the end goal.” – Money Fitness Journey

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How To Overcome The Fear of Investing In The Stock Market with Jesse

“We talk about how to overcome the mental barriers to start investing in the stock market, how to start from what you know and move to better investing decisions, and why you should invest in the first place.” – Joney Talks

Your Home Is Not Your Investment

“Even when ignoring costs, investing in real estate for appreciation alone hasn’t performed well – at least compared to the alternatives: stocks and bonds. Why is that?” – Jon Luskin, MBA, CFP®

Is Gap Insurance Worth It ?

“Gap insurance is relatively inexpensive, but is it worth the cost? This blog post will review how gap insurance works and who should buy this type of coverage. ” – The Budget Mom

Invest In The Single-Family Real Estate Boom Without Being A Landlord

“I’m tapped out because I just bought my third single-family home in 2020. I’m at my energy limit in terms of being a landlord. Let’s look at how to benefit from the single-family real estate boom without being a landlord. ” – Financial Samurai

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