Acquania Escarne – Having Options: Creating Passive Income So You Can Quit If You Want [078]

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Having Options: Creating Passive Income So You Can Quit If You Want

Show notes

You love the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, but without some of the struggles that past generations have faced. Passive income can play a role in taking some of the obstacles away from creating a life where you have options.

Acquania Escarne, wealth strategist and host of The Purpose of Money, went deep in conversation with our host, Sarah Li Cain, to discuss how she discovered her own path to entrepreneurship by watching her mother’s journey, the importance of creating passive income, and how she manages incoming cash flow for the day she decides to leave her 9 to 5.

Episode highlights

  • Acquania discusses why she wanted to become an entrepreneur
  • She walks us through the steps on how she grew her network
  • How she is focusing on other arms for creating passive income
  • Acquania explained her strategy behind having passive income

About Acquania Escarne

Acquania Escarne is a Wealth Strategist who helps clients across the country build and maintain generational wealth through saving and investing.

With more than a decade of experience, Acquania follows a step-by-step system that helps individuals and families maximize their income and leverage money they are already spending to produce residual and tax-free income.

Her podcast and blog, “The Purpose of Money,” teaches Women of Color about saving, investing, and building wealth through real estate, investing in the stock market, life insurance, unique savings strategies, and more. Acquania’s guests are working women and entrepreneurs that have found ways to build wealth and create more freedom in their lives today.

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About Sarah Li Cain, Podcast Host

Sarah Li-Cain is a finance writer, the founder of Beyond the Dollar, and an AFC (Accredited Financial Counselor) candidate whose work has appeared in places like Bankrate, Business Insider, Redbook, Financial Planning Association, Stacking Benjamins and Her Money podcast with Jean Chatzky (of NBC Today). Her work blends practical tips and mindset strategies so that those trying to change their financial life can see themselves in the starring role. She also integrates physical, spiritual and mental wellness so that money becomes a tool to enhance people’s lives.

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