Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: April 29, 2022

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Extraordinary Life on An Ordinary Income Pt. 8 Lack of Access, Financial Insecurity, & Mental Health

“Financial Independence factors can vary on a person’s access to resources, financial insecurity, and mental health.” – Chad Methner

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30 Side Hustle Ideas to Make An Extra $1000/ month in 2022

“Here are 30 ways that you can earn money through side hustling.” – Money Savvy Mamma

Intentionally Deciding What You Want The Most

“Have you ever been in a situation that feels really hard, but you KNOW it’s the right choice? Intentionally deciding what you want the most isn’t easy, but it is worth it!” – Money Gremlin

Everything You Need to Know About Investing In Today’s Real Estate Market

“Do you want to buy property and get into the real estate market? We look at the current state of real estate and how you can get started right now.” – Studenomics

30 Things ‘Red’ (Taylor’s Version) Taught Us About Money

“Let’s dive in and see what Red (Taylor’s Version) really has to say about the green.” – Women’s Personal Finance

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