Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: February 18, 2022

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Frugality is Actually Attractive

“If you’ve got good reasons for wanting to spend less, frugality can actually be a really attractive quality. But the person sitting across from you on your next date needs to know about those reasons and what they mean for your potential future together.” – Trip Of A Lifestyle

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The Psychology of Money-How Your Mindset Affects Your Wealth

“It’s important to understand the psychology of money when trying to achieve financial independence. Here’s some food for thought.” – Millennial Money

Fund Your 2022 Family Vacation with Just 3 Realistic Spending Swaps

“There’s that family vacation we all are dreaming of. But between sky-high childcare payments, increasing gas prices, higher food costs, and a never-ending pile of bills, how can you afford it? This is the way.” – Planner At Heart

Having Anxiety Over Spending Money on Yourself

“If you’re like me and have a hard time spending money on yourself or making large purchases, let’s dive into why this might be and how to overcome the anxiety over spending money on yourself.” – Handful Of Thought

Why we Switched to a Black-Owned Bank (And Think You Should Too)

“Have you ever thought about where you bank? Like, have you seriously thought about it? We’re educating ourselves on what it means to be an ally. We’re taking action and using our voice and platform to support and fight for the black community.” – Family Money Adventure

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