Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: January 20, 2022

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The Plutus Foundation has a new project and would love for you to be involved. It’s called the Plutus Impact Series. Each month, there is a new topic open for discussion across the community. During the third week of each month, participants publish new content addressing the topic from whatever angle makes sense for their audience and perspective.

The goal is to share a wide variety of diverse viewpoints on the given topic. Links to and highlights from the participants’ content will be shared throughout our many platforms, and participants are encouraged to look through all the shared content and make some new connections with other content publishers. Click here to sign up and join us!

The Plutus Awards podcast is happy to announce our newest host, Michelle Jackson! The new season will be announced soon but, in the meanwhile, catch up on our previous episodes and hear about timely topics from members of the community.

25 Of The Best Gig Economy Jobs

“For many people, a side hustle serves as a way to make some extra money to pay down debt, save for the future, or cover gaps in the budget. Look at these top opportunities and decide what’s right for you.” – Bible Money Matters

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Financial Literacy Videos for Kids

“As parents, it is our job to facilitate financial learning for our kids. This doesn’t mean we have to have all of the answers, but here are some Financial videos you can teach your children about money management.” – Penny Pinchin Mom

Real World Number: Investing $850 a Month Turned Into $200,000 Over 10 Years (2022 Edition)

“Instead of focusing on the current hot thing, how about stepping back and taking the longer view? How would a steady investor have done over the last decade? ” – My Money Blog

What is a 457 Retirement Plan?

“457 deferred compensation plans can be a valuable addition to your retirement. Here’s what you need to know about 457 retirement plans.” – The White Cost Investor

The 2022 Wealth Building Checklist

“Every single step you need to take in order to build wealth all in one place.” – Think Save Retire

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