Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: May 6, 2022

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I’m 36 and We’re Mortgage Free!

“I’m 36 and we’re mortgage free! Excuse me while I take a small victory lap for making this money milestone happen sooner than we ever hoped.” – She Picks Up Pennies

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Set Goals and Accomplish Great Things

“Have you ever just felt stuck? It might be time to start to set goals and accomplish great things to build a better future.” – How Much Is That In Tacos – Adulting Made Simple

Spending Frugally – or Lavishly – on the Road

“Best budget vacation travel hacks for motorcyclists bikers and adventurers of all types. Professional financial advice for travelers.” – Roadcraft USA

How to Budget for a Return to the Office

“As the COVID pandemic subsides, many will be returning to the office. Here’s how that will affect your bottom line — and how to budget accordingly.” – Haven Life

Top 10 Practical Ways to Make Money Without a Job

“If there’s anything the internet and technology have made easy, it is how to make money without a job. Here is 10 Practical Ways to Make Money Without a Job.” – A Dime Saved

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