Showcase: Does More Money Lead to Financial Independence?

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Why More Money Won’t Lead to Financial Independence. [Darius Foroux] — “I used to have goals like, “I’d like to earn a million bucks in a year!” But as I started to study Stoicism and Mindfulness, I learned to practice non-attachment to outcomes. I gave up on those types of goals. Let me tell you why.” More money, More Problems. (Submitted by J. Money.)

5 Main Causes of Overspending. [Smart Money Chicks] — “If you’re an over spender, you’re not alone. According to NerdWallet, over 64% of Americans have credit card debt or have had credit card debt in the past. Why do some people constantly find themselves overspending while some are naturally born savers? The actual causes of overspending highlight that these problems run deeper than we think. Let’s pinpoint the 5 main reasons for overspending and actionable ways to stop these habits from taking over your bank account.”  Which one are you? (Submitted by Tarsha.)

When I Asked for More Than My $43,000 Salary, They Accused Me of Loving Too Lavish a Lifestyle. [Too Ambitious] — “Meet Emma, a project coordinator from Atlanta, Georgia who, after a year working at her company, taking on more and more responsibilities, asked for more than the $43,000 she was offered.” This seems fair, but what happened next is all too common. (Submitted by Harlan.)

In defense of mindfulness. [Slate] — “Even a very basic engagement with mindfulness can be good for your wellbeing. Researchers have found that a ‘microdose’ of practice (say, 10 minutes a day, or even five) can have beneficial effects, such as decreased stress and anxiety and increased happiness and connection. Other research has revealed that mindfulness correlates highly with the ability to savor the positive, feel gratitude, and experience satisfaction.” (Submitted by J.D. Roth.)

The 7 Practical Minimalist Lifestyle Tips that Taught Me How to Live Simply. [Undoubted Grace] — Are minimalist techniques practical? Can a family of four really tidy up and decrease their stuff? During the first 2 years of marriage, my family has been on a journey to minimizing our amount of clutter. During the course of that time, we have learned how to live simply by incorporating several minimalist lifestyle tips. This post will share some of the most impactful. (Submitted by Tarsha.)

Even socialists misunderstand indexing. [The Big Picture] — “Of all the endless Wall Street things to be legitimately angry about – excess fees, leverage, conflicts of interest, risk-taking, bailouts (and everything else to dislike about finance) – this has to be the single worst hot take by any politician on either side of the aisle…It shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what’s been going on in the world of investments, and how the indexing revolution has altered the basic premise of who wins and losses on Wall Street.”  (Submitted by J. D. Roth.)

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