Showcase: Social Media Is Destroying Gen Z’s Finances

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The Plutus Awards are Back-The Plutus Awards Panel is made up of some of the top financial content creators. It’s a diverse group that helps determine the finalists and winners of the awards that celebrate excellence in financial content and social media. Every year we look for a group that represents the community at large to shape the Plutus Awards.

Content creators represent your niche and community and join this year’s Awards Panel by February 15.

Here’s what we wanted to share with you this week.

How to Organize Your Tax Documents for Your Accountant. [Tucan Dream] — “You have received all your tax slips (w-2’s, 1099’s, etc.), and you have records of your other income and expenses, but now what? How do you organize your tax documents so that your accountant can prepare your taxes with ease?” (Submitted by Tarsha.)

Why Tipping Is Impossible to Get Rid of in America.[] – “It seems like the only way to get rid of tipping in the US is for every restaurant to do it simultaneously, either by mutual decision (ha!) or through some kind of legislation (double ha!). But because of the pandemic and the ubiquity of digital payment screens, tipping is more engrained in American commerce than ever so…??” (Submitted by Jim Wang)

Social Media Is Destroying Gen Z’s Finances. [A Dime Saved] — “The main reason cited for this was that people are constantly bombarded with photos and videos of others living a lifestyle that is seemingly unattainable. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy and frustration, especially for those who are struggling to get by…” (Submitted by Tarsha.)

Being Triggered by A Mess.[Natalie Bacon Podcast] – “What are your thoughts when your home is messy? What do you interpret a mess to mean? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you are greeted with a mess, and you might feel the need to “fix” it. But it might surprise you to know that it isn’t the mess that is causing you to feel the way you are and have the reaction you have; it’s your thoughts about the mess.”  (Submitted by Jim Wang.)

Prepare for the Unexpected Mini-Retirement. [Jillian Johnsrud] — “Life can be unpredictably fragile and short. You just never know. You never know if you’ll have a hundred other chances to experience your dream, or perhaps this is the last chance for that dream. Save the money, make a plan, and when the opportunity arises, grab your go bag. And go” (Submitted by J. Money.)


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