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WealthSavers Closing the Gap

Grant Awarded Spring 2022

WealthSavers Closing the Gap aims to foster positive and meaningful life-changing interactions with the Black American Millennial community.
WealthSavers Closing the Gap will host forty-five participants, at no cost, for four weeks to help close the racial wealth gap in our country through a virtual yet fun and interactive learning environment of millennial Black American professionals.
The four-week program will focus on the following WealthSaver Matrix Topics: Creating a Wealth Mindset, Credit vs. Debt Management in the age of student loans, Basics of Investing & Homeownership to Build wealth, and Wealth Protection.

The four-week educational series fosters a fun, interactive, and sustainable learning environment for the community of Black American millennial professionals to change how they view and discuss personal finances to build wealth. This series is open to the black millennial professional community because building wealth is not simply a black woman’s issue but an entire racial group’s concern that we seek to eradicate. 

Moreover, we strive to target professionals as their earning potential, on average, is higher than that of high school graduates, and income combined with money management is an asset to wealth building. Although we seek to close the wealth gap of the Black American community, we will also accept participants from other demographics who seek to build wealth and help close the wealth gap.
WealthSavers Closing the Gap program on a macro level seeks to create sustainable eradication of the wealth gap in America passed down through multiple generations by encouraging money conversations with family and friends. In addition, the program will decrease participants’ financial stress on a micro level, which is often faced but rarely discussed in the Black American community. Through the program, we seek to enhance the wealth-building capacity effectively and close the wealth gap for Black American Millennials.
We will have a personal finance quiz at the beginning of the program and at the end to measure and gauge participants’ awareness. Participants who earn less than 90% on the examination or identify that they did not grasp a concept will receive an extra 2-hour session to ensure sustainable results.

To ensure participants can continue implementing strategies discussed throughout the year, at minimum, they will have their workbook/The WealthSaver Planner gives access to completing the same worksheets multiple times throughout the year. By the end of the program, participants will have the needed tools to build wealth, reminders to check on their investments, checklists, and accountability to maintain a wealth mindset.

Grant Update, Fall 2022

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About Adrienne Taylor-Wells

Adrienne Taylor-Wells founded Tailored WealthSaver to help more millennials achieve the financial success they need to reach their full life potential. With over 10 years of experience in financial services, I understand that every millennial’s financial situation is different. I work to meet each client where they’re at and help them implement strategies that are customized to their financial resources, abilities, and goals.
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