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Meet the Plutus Foundation Team

The executive team manages the day-to-day operations of the Plutus Foundation.

Harlan L. Landes

Executive Director
Harlan L. Landes founded one of the first independent “personal finance blogs,“ Consumerism Commentary, to hold himself accountable for his own financial decisions,, and he played a lead role in fostering the community of financial influencers. Harlan also created the Plutus Awards to highlight independent financial publishers.

Kassandra Dasent

Program Manager
Kassandra Dasent has provided her expertise in project and program management to large conglomerates and non-profit organizations for over 15 years. In addition, she has been a member of the personal finance community since 2013 and serves as a holistic wealth advocate. When not working with the Plutus Foundation to fulfill their mandate to bridge the financial literacy gap for all communities, Kassandra is focused on her family and vocation as a singer-songwriter.

Sherrian Crumbley

Grant Manager, Editorial Manager
Sherrian Crumbley has worked with various non-profits in administrative and creative roles over the last decade. She has also worked as a content manager, editor, and virtual assistant in the personal finance space and continues to work with her husband as a personal finance educator on their blogs and in their community.

Fehmeen Khan

Social Media Associate
Fehmeen Khan has an academic and professional background in Finance, and she has been a personal finance content creator for over a decade . Fehmeen is now a digital marketing specialist and interested in helping people who are economically marginalized.

Stephanie Kibler

Community Manager
Stephanie “Stephonee” Kibler came onto the online personal finance scene in 2007 (when it was still called a “blogosphere”) and was one of its first voices for low-income millennials and young women with her blog, Poorer Than You. Through the years, she has worked to help build up online communities focused on financial literacy for women and other underrepresented groups, and the lower and middle classes. She lives in the pricey Washington, DC-area suburbs (for some reason) with her husband and son, and can usually be found snarking on Twitter.

Tarsha Burrows

Executive Assistant
Tarsha Burrows is an expert in providing administrative support to entrepreneurs, churches, and small businesses. She utilizes her honesty, sincerity, and professionalism to provide support, focus, and organization to business owners.

Miranda Marquit

Program Coordinator
Miranda Marquit has been writing about money on the internet for more than 15 years. She has a Master’s degree in journalism and has covered a variety of financial subjects for a number of media outlets, including Forbes, NPR, Yahoo! Finance, Marketwatch and more. She is also an avid podcaster, co-hosting the Money Talks News podcast. Miranda lives in Idaho with her teenage son.

J. Money

J. Money is an award-winning blogger, consultant, skateboarder (not award winning!), and daddy of 3 precious boys. With over a decade of building communities online, Jay loves getting people excited about finance and is best known for his personal finance blog, Budgets Are Sexy, and the now-archived Rockstar Finance.

The Plutus Foundation Board of Directors

We are looking to fill vacancies in the Plutus Foundation Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meets once a quarter to review the operations of the Foundation and provide governance and resources.
Andrea Amir

Andrea Amir, Secretary

Smart Money Chicks

Harlan Landes 003

Harlan Landes, Chairperson


Bobbi Rebell

Financial Grownup

J.D. Roth

J.D. Roth, Vice Chairperson

Get Rich Slowly


Joe Saul-Sehy, Treasurer

Stacking Benjamins

Jim Wang

Jim Wang

Wallet Hacks

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