Meet the Plutus Foundation Executive Team
and Board of Directors

The executive team manages the day-to-day operations of the Plutus Foundation.

Harlan L. Landes

Executive Director
Harlan L. Landes founded one of the first independent “personal finance blogs,“ Consumerism Commentary, to hold himself accountable for his own financial decisions,, and he played a lead role in fostering the community of financial influencers. Harlan also created the Plutus Awards to highlight independent financial publishers.

Sarah Potter

Social Media Director
Sarah Potter has worked in the finance and non-profit sector for the past ten years. As a personal finance social strategist, Sarah has worked with many finance blogs and educators over the years, and she works with young parents to develop their own businesses and live a financially successful life.

Kassandra T. Dasent, PMP

Project Manager
Kassandra Dasent leverages her 15+ years of experience as an implementation consultant and certified project manager in the supply chain, STEM, and finance sectors to meet the needs of her clients and teams. Kassandra is also a financial wellness engineer and speaker who provides her audiences with practical solutions to help them take ownership of their careers, achieve holistic wealth, and become emotionally intelligent leaders.

Sherrian Crumbley

Grant Manager
Sherrian Crumbley has worked with various non-profits in administrative and creative roles over the last decade. She has also worked as a content manager, editor, and virtual assistant in the personal finance space and continues to work with her husband as a personal finance educator on their blogs and in their community.

Charlotte Baker

Project Coordinator
Charlotte Baker has worked with and helped start two non-profit organizations over the last eight years. She is committed to the mission of the Plutus Foundation and is passionate about financial literacy for all communities.

Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit has been covering financial topics for almost 15 years, contributing to numerous publications. She is an avid podcaster and blogger, and is active in non-profits and politics at a local level. Miranda lives in Idaho with her son, where they enjoy board games, reading, travel, and the outdoors.

Bethany McCamish

Community Manager
Bethany McCamish has been creating visual solutions and focused content for the past six years. She is also the owner and writer of His and Her FI, a personal finance blog and podcast, which has brought her coverage from CNBC, Forbes, Milk and Honey, and Plutus Awards Nominations. McCamish leveraged this blog to launch out on her own and now works with clients such as The Money Manual, Student Loan Planner, The Financial Diet, and Business Insider. McCamish believes that transparency and conversations about money are essential in gaining control of finances.

The Plutus Foundation Board of Directors

The board of directors supports the executive team with resources and strategic planning.

Harlan Landes

Joe Saul-Sehy

Stacking Benjamins

Jim Wang

Wallet Hacks

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