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Our Mission

The Plutus Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit community foundation whose mission is to enable and support content creators to empower humans with financial competence and confidence.
We do this by:
Building an inclusive and supportive community of content creators passionate about personal finance.
Innovating the discussion about personal finance from an empathetic perspective and with underrepresented viewpoints.
Supporting and partnering with the community through grants, resources, and events to increase our collective impact.
Elevating leaders in the community by facilitating opportunities for education about important financial topics.

Our Programs and Services

Grants and Program Support

Helping our community build and administer programs within their own communities

The Plutus Awards

Celebrating excellence in financial media with an annual awards ceremony

Plutus Voices

Events for the financial media bringing attention to important topics

The Plutus Community

Collaborate with financial media

Plutus Awards Podcast

Financial media rockstars to talk about success. Their stories will inspire you.

Plutus Awards Jobs Exchange

Your gateway to a career in financial media

Plutus Impact Summit

Learning and networking event for financial content creators

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August 2021
Stacking Benjamins: 12th Annual Plutus Awards Finalists Reveal and Roundtable
August 2020

Richer Soul: Understanding Financial Literacy With Harlan Landes

May 2020

Earn & Invest: Which Greek God Will Make You Wealthy?

April 2019

Maple Money: How to Find the Right Personal Finance Blog for You

December 2018

Personal Profitability Podcast: Harlan Landes on the Plutus Foundation

November 2019

Her Money Matters: How the Plutus Foundation Is Making Waves With Financial Education

Frequently Asked Questions

You can donate by check, automated debit, or credit card. We use PayPal and Stripe to process online contributions and to manage some monthly recurring contributions. You can also pledge your support with a monthly or quarterly flat contribution or, if you earn a profit from your blog, a percentage of your blog’s profit.

Harlan L. Landes, the founder of personal finance blog Consumerism Commentary and the Plutus Awards, created the Plutus Foundation. Harlan spearheaded several charitable efforts as the owner of Consumerism Commentary, and is now providing a way for the independent financial media to pool charitable resources for the greater good.

Learn more about the Plutus Foundation team including the Board of Directors and Advisory Group.

Yes. Your contributions are tax-deductible. The Plutus Foundation is a 501(c)3 community foundation. Our tax ID is 47-3958088. You should always check with a tax professional.

All contributions are subject to the mission of the Plutus Foundation.

Contributions will go towards the following goals:

  • To establish an endowment whereby future projects can be funded by interest earned.
  • To fund projects as directed by the steering committee and the Director of Grants and Programs.
  • To fund Special Projects from time to time.

Are you a member of the independent financial community — a blogger, podcaster, author, video blogger, etc., and is your project aligned with the Plutus Foundation mission?

If so, yes! This is your community foundation.

We can create a special donation page for you and your readership or listeners. Your audience may make a contribution to your cause through the Plutus Foundation.

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