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Program Supported Fall 2021

Women’s Personal Finance’s Insiders Club is a place where women and nonbinary folks can come together, make friends, and be supported in their money journeys.
There is a free Facebook group with 40,000 members and growing, but the Insiders Club is a more exclusive community on a different platform, carrying a monthly membership fee.
Access to the Insider’s Club includes monthly live Zoom events by personal finance experts, an exclusive Discord channel, and regular voice/video chats with a community of women and nonbinary folks who place importance on money and the intersectionality of how it impacts all of our lives.
The Plutus Foundation will provide three full-year scholararships for each new cohort of members, up to four cohorts a year. The scholarships will be awarded to content creators based on suitability and need.

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About Angela Rozmyn

Angela Rozymyn Photo

Angela Rozmyn is a tree-hugging, traveling, cooking millennial looking to reach financial independence by her mid-40s. She loves to garden, cook, hike, camp, run, read, and explore while lightening her impact on the planet in everything she does.

She’s a mama to one awesome five-year-old son and has been married since she was just twenty-one. She works as a LEED AP for a company that builds green, affordable communities in urban areas. She has no plans to quit but is still very much focused on financial independence because it will give her the option to say “I want to be here,” not “I have to be.”

About Dr. Regina Moore

Dr. Regina Moore is a community pharmacist by background, an innovator at heart, and a lifelong advocate. She focuses on promoting and advocating for the psychedelic medicine space, including a 10+ year hobby around mycology. She also focuses on cancer advocacy as the parent of a cancer patient, holistic whole family care, combating financial toxicity, and mental health support (which is a bridge to her psychedelics interest). She is also interested in digital health and how pharmacists will expand their roles in this revolutionary age.

On her website, The Frugal Pharmacist, she often touches on topics that target pharmacists and healthcare providers, though most of her content is applicable to anyone. Especially working mothers. She endeavors to enjoy her life, be a great mom, decrease her stress, maintain the health of herself and her family, try to learn to do yoga on her own at home, be better about mindfulness, make real friends as an adult (it’s hard), try to wean herself from so much technology, spend more time on her hobbies and think less about work. You know, all the regular stuff!

Dr. Regina Moore photo
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