Announcing the 9th Annual Plutus Awards Panel

The Plutus Awards Panel determines the direction of the Plutus Awards year after year. This panel decides the categories of awards, and will eventually have a significant voice in the selection of finalists and winners.

Serving on the Plutus Awards Panel is a great way to connect with others in personal finance media, and to offer your two cents and participate in celebrating the best in personal finance. This is the best way to make sure your voice is heard for the most influential awards ceremony in the financial media community.

I am extraordinarily pleased with the panel selection this year. This group represents a wide cross-section of the financial media.

To our panelists: Thank you for volunteering to serve on this year’s Plutus Awards Panel.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, Making Sense of Cents
Fehmeen, Top Money Hacks
Hermann Djoumessi, ADMP Awards
Andy Hill, Marriage, Kids & Money
Rebecca, The Personal Finance Lawyer
Holly Johnson, Club Thrifty
Steve Stewart, Steve Stewart
Brian, Debt Discipline
Jim Wang, Wallet Hacks
Eric Rosenberg, Personal Profitability
Roger, Roger Whitney
Kathy Kristof, Side Husl
Felicity, Fetching Financial Freedom
Kelsee B. Hankins, Kelsee B Hankins
Scott Maderer, Inspired Stewardship
Jay Fleischman, Consumer Help Central
Monica Louie, Monica Louie
Paula Pant, Afford Anything
Hank Coleman, Money Q & A
Keith Schroeder, Wealthy Accountant
Bobby Lee, 2 Minute Finance
Robert Farrington, The College Investor
Tela Holcomb, Tela Holcomb
Britt T, Tiny Ambitions
Sonya Smith-Valentine, Financially Fierce
Tanja Hester, Our Next Life
Michael, Financially Alert
Joe Saul-Sehy, Stacking Benjamins
Mrs. Adventure Rich, Adventure Rich
Jackie Beck, Jackie Beck
Nick True, Mapped Out Money
Lance Cothern, Money Manifesto
Rocky, 30 & O
Stephonee, Poorer Than You
Sarah Wilson, Go Budget Girl
Lisa, The Give And Get
Chad Carson, Coach Carson
BusyMom, Countdown To Tranquility
Ms ZiYou, Ms ZiYou
JP/ Ms. FIREDup, Fired Up About Finance
Jenny, Good Life Better
Whitney Hansen, Whitney Hansen
Claudia Pennington, Two Cup House
Modern Suzy, Modern Suzy
Ruby, A Journey We Love
Melissa Berry, Sunburnt Saver
Revanche, A Gai Shan Life
Chenell Tull, Hustle To Startup
Little Green Revelation, Little Green Revelation
Bob (Tawcan), Tawcan
John Schneider, Debt Free Guys
Tia, Financially Fit & Fab
Emma Pattee, Emma Pattee
Alma M Lugtu, Small Steps, Big Money
OMGF, Open Mouths Get Fed

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1 Comment

Fehmeen · May 21, 2018 at 1:51 pm

Thanks for putting me on the panel!! Looking forward to everything 😀

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