Announcing the Plutus Foundation Spring 2018 Grant Recipients!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal to the Plutus Foundation for our Spring 2018 round of grants!

There were several outstanding submissions this time around, and through this process, we’ve learned about some of the great financial literacy and outreach projects that members of the financial media are leading. We are reaching out to the people behind several submissions besides the grant recipients to find ways for the Plutus Foundation to assist their efforts.

On behalf of the foundation, I would like to specifically recognize the two recipients for this round of grants.

Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Jackson is a millennial transition coach, and the founder of ADLT 101, a collection of lessons designed to help prepare young adults transition into life after school.

Jennifer requested Foundation support for her program, The Post-Grad Prep Workshop. The Post-Grad Prep Workshop will aim to inform and empower students with practical financial and personal development skills needed before entering into the post-graduate phase of their life. The event would be a day long program consisting of 5 components where each student would participate in an interactive workshop hosted by a relevant industry professional.

Joanne Kuster

Joanne Seymour Kuster is an author, financial educator, entrepreneur, and mother of three. She blogs at The Money Godmother, where her specialty is financial education for families.

Joanne has designed a pedagogical curriculum to help teachers who have been tasked with teaching personal finance to their students. She requested Foundation support for presenting this curriculum and helping teachers in her state get the resources they need for effective school-based financial literacy education in a program called The Ripple Effect.

“Unfortunately, most teachers are not equipped to teach basic concepts due to: lack of time in their class day, lack of knowledge on how to integrate the topics, confidence in their own financial skills, and access to classroom resources that work at desired grade levels. But in many states, as is the case in Iowa, school boards are being required (or want to) offer some sort of personal finance opportunities during the school day.”

The Plutus Foundation is excited about the opportunity to work with Joanne, Jennifer, and their programs, as well as creating partnerships with additional grant applicants.

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For questions about future grants, email Jana Lynch, Director of Grants and Programs, at

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