Here’s How You Can Participate in the Plutus Awards Behind the Scenes!

Have you ever wanted to show support for the amazing community of independent financial media? Get involved with the premiere awards ceremony for financial bloggers, podcasters, video producers, and media experts! Let us know how you would like to volunteer this year.

One of the most important things you can do is join the Panel. The Plutus Awards Panel sets the direction of this year’s awards. The Panel sets the categories early in the season, encourages independent entries, chooses the finalists, and votes on the winners. This is a crucial role. Even though it doesn’t take a lot of time, Panelists have a significant say in the outcome of the awards. We strive for a Panel that represents the worldwide independent financial media community.

You can also support the Plutus Awards by helping us spread the word. Advocating for the financial media community is rewarding for everyone.

We also need help planning the ceremony itself, which this year is planned for Saturday, September 29, at FinCon18 in Orlando. You do not need to attend FinCon in order to help with the ceremony; we need people to help in advance as well as on-site at the ceremony itself.

We will accept applications throughout the month of March. Panel members will be announced soon after, and you will begin selecting this year’s categories in April.

Please fill out the application below, and help us make this the best Plutus Awards yet!

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