Maelisa Hall and Amber Hawley Discuss Smart Ways of Navigating Business Relationships [009]

Today, Chris talks with Maelisa Hall and Amber Hawley, expert networkers and cohosts of the My Biz Bestie podcast.

Show notes

For many people, networking can be awkward and uncomfortable. Maelisa and Amber help our listeners build their social muscles and give healthy approaches to relationship building.

Episode highlights

  • How do they get comfortable connecting with people and networking?
  • What is modern-day networking about and how is it a long game?
  • How it is important to be a trustworthy source in relationships
  • They share the one thing you need that will push you out of your comfort zone
  • If you do have a goal for a relationship, when is the right time to present your ‘ask’
  • They share the value of a mastermind group and what to look for in such a group

As co-hosts of the My Biz Bestie podcast, Amber Hawley and Maelisa Hall are two licensed therapists who help biz owners through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship by helping them find their business support system. Amber and Maelisa are expert networkers who have grown three businesses from scratch, launched a successful podcast and grown their network in multiple industries, resulting in collaboration opportunities, free PR and increased profitability. Their goal is to make you laugh, but also give you solid info based on knowledge and experience so you feel ready to crush it!

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