Jen Smith Develops a Dynamic Community Through Her Podcast [012]

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Show notes

Jen Smith, one half of the duo that hosts the Frugal Friends Podcast, shares with us how they developed a community that is an active part of what they do.

Host Chris Browning talks with Jen about the different ways her audience gets to be a part of the podcast and the ways that has helped them developed an enthusiastic and involved Facebook group.

Episode highlights

  • How did they develop the audience participation aspect of the Frugal Friends podcast
  • With being so involved, how does Jen balance time spent in her online community with her real life
  • Jen explains why they stay flexible with the issues that arise in their community
  • Jen shares future goals for the podcast and community

About Jen Smith

Jen Smith is a personal finance expert and writer. She and her husband paid off $78,000 of debt in 23 months and now she helps others get out of debt, strengthen their finances, and find contentment in simple living.

In addition to the Frugal Friends Podcast linked above, you can find Jen Smith at the Frugal Friends Podcast Group, her website Modern Frugality, @modernfrugality on Instagram, @modernfrugality on Twitter, and Modern Frugality on Facebook.

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About Chris Browning, Podcast Host

Chris Browning is the creator and host of the Popcorn Finance Podcast. He is a financial analyst who produces Popcorn Finance to share his love of teaching and discussing personal finance.

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