Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: October 4, 2019

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9 Strategies for Teenagers to Get a Job (Without a Driver’s License)

“How is your teen or child supposed to get a job and earn money without a driver’s license? I’ve got 9 strategies for how your teen can earn money, with minimal transportation help from you.” – Money Prodigy

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How Much Should I Save Each Month? My Simple Method for Deciding

“Setting concrete savings goals can keep you on track and reassure you that you are saving enough. Here are the steps I follow to decide how much money to save each month, or per paycheck, to reach my goals.” – Brave Saver

Living Life on Purpose with Chris Farrell

“How can you create income and purpose in your life no matter your age? Join us for today’s episode as Chris and I discuss how your second half of life can be just as fulfilling as your first half. ” – Hilary Hendershott

The Money Talk With Family (And the Danger of Avoiding It)

“We know it’s inevitable we will all die someday. And we can expect to handle the final affairs of our parents or a spouse when that day comes for them. We also know one day someone will be handling ours too.” – Life Zemplified

Veganism is Classist (and so is Climate Change)

“Poor communities disproportionaly face the impact of climate change, and expecting these communities to uphold veganism is classist.” – Money After Graduation

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