Steve Stewart Gives Practical Advice to New and Experienced Podcasters [010]

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Show notes

The go-to guy for podcasting, Steve Stewart shares with host Chris Browning why he loves the medium so much.

Steve also helps our listeners who have their own podcasts straighten out some podcasting hiccups and gives some things to consider if you want to start a podcast.

Episode highlights

  • Steve shares how he got into podcasting and what he believes is special about the medium
  • How meeting one stranger you’ve impacted can affect what you do
  • Helpful tips on what’s important when you want to start a podcast
  • After years of editing many podcasts, Steve shares some fixes podcasters can quickly make
  • What Steve loves about podcasting and what it brings to his life

About Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart is the Grayson Bell of podcasting. He started his own podcast in 2010 to help market the financial coaching business he was growing, but gave it all up in 2016 when personal finance podcasters wanted help with the editing and production of their recordings.

He currently produces more than 20 shows weekly, including Plutus Award Winning podcasts such as Stacking Benjamins, Choose FI, and Paula Pant’s Afford Anything.

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About Chris Browning, Podcast Host

Chris Browning is the creator and host of the Popcorn Finance Podcast. He is a financial analyst who produces Popcorn Finance to share his love of teaching and discussing personal finance.

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