Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: September 13, 2019

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Is Getting That Raise Even Worth It?

“Examining the full cost of a promotion like businesses examine the distribution cost and the sources of their revenue may be a valuable exercise. You may find that a raise gained through frugality or a side hustle is much easier to sustain than a raise from a promotion.” – rich & REGULAR

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Being Frugal When Friends & Family Aren’t

“It’s so hard being frugal when everyone around you is going out and having fun. Here are some tips to make it easier for you to stay focused so you can attain the goals that make you happy.” – The Frugal Convert

He’s a Spender. She’s a Saver. What Should We Do?

“He’s a spender. She’s a saver. How can they get along and find financial compromise? Check out my top tips.” – Chief Mom Officer

How to Survive Forced Early Retirement

“You may want to work well into your 70s, but your employer may have other ideas. Here’s how to cope if you find yourself out of work years before you want to retire.” – Living On The Cheap

How Do I Adopt An Abundance Mindset and Why Is It Important?

“Adopting an abundance mindset shifts your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes about money, improving your ability to meet financial goals and build wealth.” – Women Who Money

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Plutus Awards Showcase

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Plutus Awards Showcase

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