Paula Pant Tackles the Reality of Launching a Quality Course [007]

Paula Pant is the founder of the website Afford Anything and the host of the Afford Anything podcast. Her motto is that you can afford anything, but not everything.

Today, Paula Pant tells us about her experience launching her course, Your First Rental Property.

Show notes

Creating a course is no easy undertaking and Paula has a lot to share about her experience in its development. It’s more than formulaic strategies, well-produced videos, and great marketing if you’re making something that is built to last.

Episode highlights

  • Paula talks about her experience launching her first course
  • What she has found to be the limits of blogging and podcasting and how a course is different
  • Was Paula’s background in newspaper journalism a help or hindrance to her as a blogger and course creator
  • What were some emotional difficulties that arose in developing her course
  • What she learned from other creators outside the personal finance space
  • Paula shares advice for others who are considering creating a course

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