Jeff Rose from “Good Financial Cents” was a recipient of a 2018 Plutus Award, as well as a winner of Plutus Awards in years past. Now, a year later, we catch up with him about his new brand, what books inspire him, and why stepping away from work is so important. 

1. Can you tell us about your blog and what Plutus award you won?
My blog is and over the years I have won the Plutus award for best financial planner blog, best retirement blog, best design blog and also blog of the year.

2. How do you feel when you won the award knowing it was from your peers?
The Fincon community is by far the best community that exists. I have so much admiration and respect for all the bloggers in our space who have truly touched and changed so many lives, so to win an award from such a respected group — it is truly very humbling.

3. What have you been up to in the past year? Are you still doing the same blog? Have you decided to focus on anything in particular this past year or have you changed course in any way?
I am still working on Good Financial Cents, but I’ve also expanded my content under a new brand, Wealth Hacker. This primarily exists on the domain and also my YouTube channel. In addition to working on the messaging of the new brand, I’ve been working on completing a new course that shows how I’ve been able to build an online passive income asset.

4. Have there been any topics you’ve covered or plan to cover that people have responded to? Why do you think that is?
The two main topics that I’ve really spent a lot of time discussing on my YouTube channel are accelerated wealth building and passive income. We tied this into starting your own side hustle and working for yourself. This is a message that really resonates with a lot of my core audience.

5. Is there anything that you’re reading or listening to right now that you’ve found really inspiring? Why?
A lot of the books that I have read in the past year have focused on productivity, building a streamlined business, and making sure that you’re spending time working on the things that matter. Some of the books that really stand out are Michael Hyatt’s “Free to Focus,” Todd Herman’s “The Alter Ego Effect,” “Who” by Geoff Smart, and “Clockwork” by Mike Michalowicz.

6. What do you do to push through any creative blockers? Do you have any fun ways to get the creative juices flowing again?
Since I primarily work from home, I’ve recognized that much of my creativity doesn’t happen here. I have to get out of the house and change up my environment to let the creative juices flow. I’ve also recognized that I’m much more creative when I don’t have my MacBook in tow. A journal and a pen and being totally unplugged is when I’m my most creative.

7. How do you find new, fresh ways to approach the topics that you cover?
By studying and reading other people’s content. I love scouring new blogs, new sites, and also YouTube to see different ways that people are teaching and sharing a lot of the same information that many of us have also shared — but they do it in such a creative way that it feels new and fun.

8. Do you make stepping away every now and then a priority? What do you do to recharge?
Absolutely. A couple of years ago on the Fincon main stage, my talk was about taking a free day, which is defined as a 24-hour period of doing nothing work-related. It’s funny, because over the past couple of years, I’ve taken the most free days I’ve ever taken in my entire life, and my income has grown exponentially. I’ve recognized that the more I’ve taken myself out of the business and delegated or outsourced many of the tasks that I used to do, I’ve removed the biggest bottleneck — me — and allowed my team to flourish.

9. What advice would you give someone looking to start your own blog?
I know many people have different opinions on this, but for me personally, I think starting a blog is about sharing your experiences and serving others. If you start a blog with the sole intent of making money, I think that your purpose can be skewed in the beginning.

10. Do you have anything exciting in the works that you can share with us?
The thing I’m most excited about is launching my new course, “The Passive 1-K Income Accelerator.”

11. What do you consider your greatest achievement outside of Good Financial Cents?
There is no comparison here, but raising and leading a family of six has been my greatest achievement, and also is my life mission.

12. If you hadn’t ended up doing Good Financial Cents, where do you think you’d be right now?
I would still be a financial planner and servicing all of my financial planning clients, but I also know there would have been some other side hustle that I would have started in conjunction with the financial planning practice. I’ve got too much entrepreneur in my blood to only do one thing.

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