Joe Saul-Sehy Teaches Finance Through Laughter [031]

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Show notes

If you talk or write about money, it’s good to have some fun with it. The science of play aids learning about finance, and Stacking Benjamins is a great example of this.

Joe Saul-Sehy, founder and co-host of Stacking Benjamins and Money With Friends, joins Plutus Awards Podcast host Chris Browning to talk about how Joe’s shows have found the best formulas for podcast success.

  • He shares how he learns, which explains his approach to teaching through his podcast
  • What are some areas he spent time on to help shape the show
  • How he handles criticism and why he can’t allow critics to guide his decisions
  • The importance of narrowing your focus to improve your work

About Joe Sau-Sehy

Joe was one of twelve financial advisors with American Express and Ameriprise who spoke to the media on a national level, before selling his financial planning business and transitioning to financial media. He created the Stacking Benjamins show based on the science of play and Money With Friends to help people interpret sometimes confusing financial headlines. He lives in Detroit with his spouse Cheryl and cat Cooper… and hosts game night in the basement about once-a-month. Come on out!

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Joe Saul-Sehy Plutus Awards Podcast Featured Image

Joe Saul-Sehy Plutus Awards Podcast Featured Image

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