Jacob Wade Organizes An Extensive Resource Guide to Help During COVID-19 [042]

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Show notes

When the pandemic first happened, many people were confused, anxious, and were in need of immediate help. As we continue to deal with the pandemic and our ever-changing economy, many are still looking for clear guidance and answers.

Jacob Wade of iHeartBudgets wanted to help as soon as he saw the rapidly-changing times. He talks with today’s host, Harlan Landes, about the urgency that led him to create the COVID-19 resource page (finalist in the 11th Annual Plutus Awards), giving updated information to those in need.

  • What was the impetus for him to take his life and family on the road
  • How his focus and family life pivoted when the pandemic occurred
  • Some of the information and updates included on his resource page
  • The response in the finance community to the pandemic

About Jacob Wade

Jacob Wade is the budgeting expert who started iHeartBudgets, a place where Millennials and young families come to learn EXACTLY how to build a budget that WORKS. Jacob quit his job in 2018, sold his house and 95% of everything they owned to take off on an adventure of a lifetime. He is traveling full time in an RV with his wife and 3 kids. He is now on a mission to spread the message of Financial Freedom around the country, and help others build a “Freedom Plan” of their own!

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