Jay Fleischman Takes on Student Loans [023]

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We are in trying times with the coronavirus, and people need answers when it comes to the changing laws and their student loan debt. How does COVID-19 affect your student loans?

On our recent webinar, Harlan Landes asks Jay Fleischman, lawyer, some of the pressing questions about student loans during these times. Jay brings his 25 years of experience in helping people deal with student loans and debt, as well as his understanding of the recent CARES Act that passed, to educate us on what this means for student loan borrowers.

  • Which type of student loans are included in the recent CARES Act?
  • Are student loan borrowers responsible for the interest after the suspension ends on September 30, 2020?
  • What is the difference between forbearance and deferment? Which one is the better choice?
  • Will your stimulus money be garnished if your loans are in default?
  • Some of the issues currently-enrolled students face with their student loans

About Jay Fleischman

Bio: Jay Fleischman is a lawyer, podcaster and writer who has been helping people with student loans and other debt problems for 25 years. He is the host of The Student Loan Show and publisher of Money Wise Law. You can find Money Wise Law on Facebook and Jay Fleischman on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

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