Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: August 7, 2020

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It’s August! This month the unemployment rate hit 30 million in July. With so many people out of work and most likely using their credit cards to get by, it makes is really difficult to understand how to improve finances and keep heads above water. There are ways to manage debt and ways we can all focus on planning ahead though. So this week I’ve pulled some debt tackling blogs to bring a little light to the surface.

Debt is no easy task to take care of when you have no money coming in. There are so many ways you can get help with debt now. And as for the emotional side? We recommend listening to the Mental Health and Wealth Show from Melanie Lockert to put your emotions around debt at ease.

A few updates for you! On August 17th we’ll be announcing the finalists for the 11th Annual Plutus Awards, brought to you by Capital Group.

We have an excellent webinar coming up on August 20th with Eugenie from Money and Flow Podcast where we’ll be discussing “How Childhood Trauma Affects Your Money Story.” RSVP with this link here.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched our brand new Plutus Community on Facebook where personal finance creators, freelancers, writers, and others can collaborate, discuss, and support financial literacy.

We recognize the value in a diverse community, and our goal is for this group to be a space where everyone is safe to express themselves regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, and background.

If you ever have questions or concerns about the group you can always reach out to our group admins or our social media team. We’re here to support you and uphold the values we live by.

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Tackling Debt & Understanding Credit

“For my 6th Millennial Money Meetup that took place on Nov. 19, 2019, in Toronto, I was able to once again celebrate and promote Financial Literacy Month in Canada thanks to the help of event sponsor Capital One.” – Millennial Money Meetup

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How to Get Out of Debt Faster

“If you’re in debt, the reality of owing that much money might feel like too much to face. But when disaster strikes, you’ll have to face the situation. Unfortunate events might happen in rapid succession, like a job loss, home repair, or a sudden illness. ” – Punch Debt in the Face

How to Survive Being Broke

“Many of us have been broke. It’s not a fun place to be. You may feel depressed and desperate, but recognizing that you won’t always be in this position is imperative. There are steps you can take to live a more comfortable life financially. ” – Beating Broke

How to Get Ahead Financially and Stop Money Stress

“If you’re wondering how to get ahead financially, know that it’s not an impossible task. Implementing budgeting and savings habits can even help you get an entire month ahead. Let’s talk about the steps you need to take to relieve some money stress and get ahead financially.” – His and Her FI Post

Best Strategies and Tips to Crush Credit Card Debt

“If you’re being crushed by credit card debt, first know that you’re not alone. Unfortunately, the average household spends close to $1,300 a year in credit card interest. But that isn’t the way it needs to be.” – My Debt Epiphany

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