Unemployment Benefits During the Pandemic [037]

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Show notes

The number of people filing for unemployment benefits continues to rise with COVID’s persistence. Many more are unsure if they should file and what exactly they should apply for under the CARES Act.

Harlan Landes sits with Sandy Smith and Lillian Karabaic to discuss all your burning unemployment questions. They unravel some of the confusion about what to apply for, who is eligible, and the additional benefits due to COVID-19.

  • Who qualifies for unemployment assistance under the CARES Act
  • How the implementation of unemployment benefits offered by the CARES act differ by state
  • The availability of help for undocumented workers
  • A plea to apply for Social Services and overcome the mental hurdles to receiving aid

About Sandy Smith

Sandy has been a personal finance blogger since January 1, 2009, when she resolved to get out of debt or die trying. No, no, that was 50 Cent. At age 29 she was frankly tired of paying living paycheck-to-paycheck and feeling as if she would never get ahead financially. Her blog, Yes I Am Cheap, was born out of sheer frustration with the hope of paying down a $120,000 debt much faster than the average debtor without filing for bankruptcy.

Sandy is also a Senior Certified HR Professional and the founder of the Elevate Influencer conference, an event designed to reach financial influencers whose audience is primarily comprised of individuals of color.

Follow Sandy on Twitter and Instagram, and find her at The Hustle Crew.

About Lillian Karabaic

As the host of Oh My Dollar!, a weekly syndicated financial advice radio show and podcast, Lillian Karabaic has built a reputation for talking money without being boring or stiff. The New York Times called her show “endearingly quirky”. She covering the kinds of modern money issues that don’t fit in the white-picket-fence salary world. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, CBS, NPR, Forbes, and Vox Media. Her cat-filled purrsonal finance illustrated book, A Cat’s Guide to Money, is in its second print run. She has 12 Bowie costumes and is an aspiring spandex style icon.

Follow Lillian on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

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