Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: June 26, 2020

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We’re ending the month of June in celebration of the LGBTQIA voices in our personal finance community. Earlier this week we highlighted 15 creators you should be following which you can check out here, but for our purposes today we’re going to provide you with pieces some of these authors have written and conversations they’ve had with other prominent queer finance writers in the industry.

Black Lives Matter is still a prominent conversation in our world and this week we hosted a Facebook Live interview with Carmen Perez from Make Real Cents and Kevin Matthews III from BuildingBread. Check out the interview here and come back over the next few weeks for more interviews with financial experts of color.

To round out the week we had Joe Saul-Sehy on Plutus Awards Podcast where Joe talked to Chris Browning from Popcorn Finance about many of his podcast projects, shaking things up, and bringing an element of surprise while wrapping your audience in a comfortable blanket. Check it out here.

I Quit My Six-Figure Job to Learn How to Code

“Even though I was making a low six-figure salary, I was taking home a five-figure salary after taxes and healthcare costs. Don’t get me wrong, a good income can greatly help with getting out of debt, as I’ve advised in the past, but sometimes it really does just boil down to an income problem for some people. ” – Make Real Cents

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The History of Pride Month And What It Can Teach Us About Moving Forward Today

“It may be helpful to remember that we have been here before. Throughout history, periods of upheaval moments have often given birth to genuine progress and change.” – Brian Thompson Financial

The Best Defense Against the Gender Pay Gap

“Many of us are familiar with the gender pay gap. But the numbers most commonly reported—women earning only 76 cents for every dollar a man earns—is only part of the problem.” – Cashville Skyline

How to care about money when nothing is okay

“How the heck do you pick financial goals when 1 in 4 people are unemployed, there are murder hornets, police are battering people in the streets for having the audacity to say that black men shouldn’t die at the hands of cops, and everything feels a little…well, stressful? ” – Oh My Dollar!

3 Reasons Why Queers Are Bad with Money

“If someone approached you in a coffee shop and asked about your favorite sexual position, would you be willing to share? What if they asked about your bank balance? While most are open to talking about sex, money is taboo. This might be why you might be bad with money.” – Debt Free Guys™

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