Bethany McCamish Untangles Career Transition and How to Pivot [032]

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Show notes

With the current turmoil, learning how to pivot has been by far the most important skillset to acquire, especially if you’re lacking some income and the unemployment line is still busy.

Harlan Landes speaks to Bethany McCamish from His and Her FI Post about ways to identify your strengths and how to use them to adapt to something new. She also talks about ways to sell yourself and how freelancers can find potential clients.

  • How work experience affects your ability to pivot
  • Steps to identify the skills you have that are transferrable to a new situation
  • Uncommon ways to prove you have ‘equivalent’ skills if you don’t have the length of time requested
  • Some of the stresses that arrive when switching directions and how to manage them
  • Ways to snag a great testimonial from clients

About Bethany McCamish

Bethany McCamish works as a full-time freelance writer and graphic designer for Bethany Works® LLC. Her work has been published by Business Insider, The Money Manual, Student Loan Planner, The Financial Diet, Saving for College and more. She is also the owner and writer of His and Her FI Post, a personal finance blog, which brought her coverage from CNBC, Forbes, Milk and Honey, and Plutus Awards nominations.

McCamish specializes in writing about student loans, couple money, career transitions and retirement planning. She believes that transparency and conversations about money are essential in gaining control of finances.

You can follow Bethany on Twitter and Instagram.

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