How to Leverage TikTok and Instagram [040]

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Many people create great content but what is the best platform to get your content seen and grow your audience? With Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and now TikTok, do you use one of them or tackle them all?

Candice Latham, Martin Dasko, and Katie R. join Sarah Potter for this week’s podcast on how to leverage TikTok and Instagram. They discuss the benefits of TikTok and Instagram and the best ways to use them in content creation.

  • Should you cross-promote content on different platforms?
  • Are followers or views more important?
  • Dealing with negative comments and trolls on TikTok
  • How can these platforms actually make you money?
  • Best ways to make addictive content for your audience

About Katie B.

Katie R. is the owner of the personal finance brand @debtfreephoenix found on Instagram and TikTok where she specializes in creating budget humor content and making personal finance more accessible to people in High Cost Of Living (HCOL) areas. Katie also runs a small business found at and @olivineallure on Instagram and Facebook where she and her team are passionate about equipping small businesses and brands with the tools to succeed in the online market today through content creation and social media mentorship.

About Candice Latham

Candice Latham started using her skills from her nine-to-five ad agency job to start her own design business on the side so she could reach her goals faster. She documented her journey of moving her net worth from the negatives into the positives while paying off $47,000 worth of debt. Candice now motivates millennials to be the hero in their finances as well as helping business owners with their marketing, social media, and graphics at The Latham Agency.

You can follow Candice on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Martin Dasko

Martin Dasko focuses on personal finance for 20-somethings on his blog, Studenomics. He earned his BComm in college and found it to be useless when it comes to real-world experience. From that point on, Dasko has gone on to start multiple blogs, travel the world, and become a coach to many in need. You can find him writing in a coffee shop or trying to lift weights after chugging a few cups of coffee.

You can follow Martin on Twitter and Instagram.

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