Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: June 18, 2021

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Happy Father’s Day!!

Season 4 of the Plutus Awards podcast has taken off with a bang! Catch up on this week’s episode where we feature author and speaker Tarra Jackson, also known as Madam Money. Tarra shares the ways her books help further her career and reach, how she has fared during the pandemic, and her experience running a virtual conference.

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How Being Accountable to Others Can Help You On the Path to FIRE

“The path to FIRE is long. If you are an Obliger as defined by Gretchen Rubin, learn how being accountable to others will help you stay on track. ” – LateStarterFire

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Are Dividend Stocks Worth It?

“What are dividend stocks? Can you make a full income from investing in dividends stocks? Are dividend stocks even worth it? Let’s dig into this article for the answer to theses questions. ” – Common Cents Lifestyle

How to Grow Your Household’s Investment Potential by 111%

“Imagine working for over 40 years just to struggle for the next 20 years. There has got to be a better way to structure our money. Here are three easy ways to tweak your expenses to investment more.” – The Neighborhood Finance Guy

Personal Finance is Not Just About the Math

“Personal finance is not just about the math. While I coach people on how to evaluate the math, I also coach them to make money decisions that fit their entire life. Money is a tool that helps you build the life you deserve. The math is only one aspect of a personal finance decision.” – Firebird Finance

I Almost Lost $186,000 by Not Getting a Second Bid

“When buying a long-term service, such as insurance, or getting a big project done, such as painting your house, NEVER go with the first bid. One bid can be as much as FOUR TIMES higher than another bid offering the same service. Here’s how I could have lost a grand total of $186,000 if I wouldn’t have asked for bids from multiple companies.” – Financial Success M.D

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