Candice Latham – Work Backwards to Achieve Success in Your Business [079]

Welcome to Series 4 of the Plutus Awards Podcast! The team is excited to present a new series of episodes, providing our listeners with the best actionable tips and personal success stories from superstars in our community and from the diverse experiences of many creators and entrepreneurs.

Work Backwards to Achieve Success in Your Business

Show notes

Success is not necessarily defined by how much money you make or how many subscribers you have. You can create your own vision of success, and your metrics may be unique to you. It helps to know what’s within your control and what’s beyond your control, and define your success accordingly.

In this episode, Sarah Li Cain speaks with Candice Latham, brand business owner of Latham Agency. Candice shares what it means to own your own version of success, how she shifted and pursued her goals in her business and life, and how you can work backwards to capture the feeling of success in your business.

Episode highlights

  • Candice describes what success meant to her in the past
  • How seeing other people’s success changed her definition of success
  • How to deal with the competing versions of success
  • How to pinpoint what habits you need to accomplish your goals

About Candice Latham

Candice Latham was born and raised in the inner city of Boston. She started using her skills from her nine-to-five ad agency job to start her own design business on the side which later became her full-time hustle. Candice documented my journey of paying off $47,000 of debt and investing, going from a negative net worth to a positive one. She believes that even if you grew up in an environment where you didn’t see opportunities & possibilities, you can still defy the odds, build wealth, and think differently for yourself and your family.

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About Sarah Li Cain, Podcast Host

Sarah Li-Cain is a finance writer, the founder of Beyond the Dollar, and an AFC (Accredited Financial Counselor) candidate whose work has appeared in places like Bankrate, Business Insider, Redbook, Financial Planning Association, Stacking Benjamins and Her Money podcast with Jean Chatzky (of NBC Today). Her work blends practical tips and mindset strategies so that those trying to change their financial life can see themselves in the starring role. She also integrates physical, spiritual and mental wellness so that money becomes a tool to enhance people’s lives.

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