Elyssa Kirkham – How Your Financial Advice Is Stronger With Empathy and Validation [062]

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How Your Financial Advice Is Stronger With Empathy and Validation

Show notes

Personal experiences shape the way we approach our finances, and sometimes those experiences hinder us from making the best financial decisions. How do we go about empathizing with the experiences of our audience to better provide more nuanced, applicable, and actionable financial advice?

In this episode, Sarah Li Cain speaks with Elyssa Kirkham, the founder of Brave Saver, about Elyssa’s emphasis on honoring the experiences of her audience, acknowledging how personal experience informs financial decisions, and creating nuanced financial advice.

Episode highlights

  • How Elyssa’s relationship with money inspired the start of Brave Saver
  • Elyssa’s thought process in creating content honoring her audiences’ experiences
  • Elyssa discusses the reason content creators rush to offer solutions
  • Elyssa’s approach to finding a voice in creating content

Episode contents

0:00 Introduction
1:36 How Elyssa’s relationship with money prompted the start of Brave Saver
5:35 Elyssa’s thought process in creating content to honor her audiences’ experiences
9:32 Elyssa talks about why content creators rush to offer solutions
13:19 Elyssa shares an instance of personal and financial vulnerability
18:29 Elyssa’s online community of support
20:11 Elyssa’s goal for Brave Saver and plans of monetization
24:45 Elyssa’s view on how to find a voice in creating content
30:45 Where to find Elyssa
31:05 Lessons & wrap-up

About Elyssa Kirkham

Elyssa Kirkham is a personal finance writer who has spent 8 years covering everyday money topics like budgeting, debt, and saving money. She founded Brave Saver in January 2019 to write about the behavioral, mental, and emotional side of managing money.

You can follow Elyssa on Instagram and Twitter.

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About Sarah Li Cain, Podcast Host

Sarah Li-Cain is a finance writer, the founder of Beyond the Dollar, and an AFC (Accredited Financial Counselor) candidate whose work has appeared in places like Bankrate, Business Insider, Redbook, Financial Planning Association, Stacking Benjamins and Her Money podcast with Jean Chatzky (of NBC Today). Her work blends practical tips and mindset strategies so that those trying to change their financial life can see themselves in the starring role. She also integrates physical, spiritual and mental wellness so that money becomes a tool to enhance people’s lives.

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