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Blogging and Podcasting

Where Are They Now? #1: Making Sense Of Cents!

In effort to bring the best of the best in blogging to our readers, we are starting an interview series with Plutus Awards winners to highlight their efforts as well as share tips and tricks of theirs to the blogging community they serve. Since winning a Plutus Award takes a

How to Use Your Blog to Create the Life You Want

I set a goal to be a millionaire by the time I was 30. I was 25 at the time and decided to set up a blog to keep myself accountable, as well as to share ways to make and save money. I figured I would make my money through

Benefits of Community: Work Together for Better Blog Results

Many of us start blogs hoping to make at least a little bit of money on the side. We want to see our traffic increase and boost our conversions. Chances are that you hope to, someday, perhaps live on the income from your blog. If you aren’t careful, it can

Blogging and Podcasting

Combating ‘Oh-No-Not-Again Syndrome’

Former print journalist Donna Freedman has made a living as a writer for 30 years, the last eight of them online (for companies like MSN Money, Get Rich Slowly, Wise Bread, Money Talks News, H&R Block, Women & Co., Ally Bank and Experian). Recently she combined what she knows about

Blogging and Podcasting

FinCon Keynote Speaker Carl Richards Discusses Publishing and Art

Carl Richards was my guest on the latest episode of the Consumerism Commentary Podcast today. (Subscribe to the podcast here.) Carl Richards is a columnist for The New York Times and the author of The Behavior Gap and his latest book, The One-Page Financial Plan. Carl will also be a

Blogging and Podcasting

The Centsible Life: Expanding Your Blog to Work With Brands

Kelly Whalen is a writer, consultant, and “debt slayer” living in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my four spirited kids, fluffy dog, and superhero husband. She blogs at The Centsible Life, a website devoted to the helping readers live the life of their dreams on a budget, and the winner of

Blogging and Podcasting

Conversation and Coffee Birthed Broke Millennial

This is a guest article from Erin Lowry. Erin is the blogger behind Broke Millennial, where she uses sarcasm and humor to make personal finance topics more accessible to a younger generation.  Broke Millennial was born out of a cliché New York City night. A friend and I sipped coffee

Blogging and Podcasting

Make Your Voice Stand Out and Never Get Writer’s Block

This is a guest article from Martin Dasko, the founder of Plutus Award-winning blog, Studenomics (Second and Third Annual Plutus Award, Best Blog for Teens and Young Adults). On his blog, Martin covers financial freedom by 30 without missing a party. Martin also also released a book on Amazon, Failure

Blogging and Podcasting

Finding Inspiration and Overcoming Mental Obstacles

This is a guest article by Brian Fourman. Brian is a former private school personal finance and Bible teacher now turned stay at home dad, blogger, and freelance writer. His hobbies include baseball cards, rental real estate, running, cooking and sports. In his down time, he loves hanging out with

Blogging and Podcasting

Paula Pant: From Journalist to Blogger

Paula Pant is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, financial consultant, and the person behind Afford Anything. Afford Anything was the winner of the Second Annual Plutus Award for Best New Personal Finance Blog. I asked Paula to spend some time discussing how her background as a journalist and her family’s emergence

Blogging and Podcasting

How I Built a Seven-Figure Blog

I’ve never been a fan of motivational advice. Platitudes and generic pep-rallies will only take you so far. I understand that sometimes all people need is a little kick in the butt to get moving, a little inspiration maybe, but sometimes people need the meaty details. If you perceive someone

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