Bankroll Summit

Program Supported Fall 2019

Bankroll Summit is a one-day money conference created to help college students #BreakUpWithBroke. Students learn how to manage money, eliminate their debt, and earn more for college and beyond.

The Plutus Awards Podcast interviewed Steven M. Hughes, founder of Bankroll Summit.

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About Steven M. Hughes

Steven M. Hughes is a money expert, speaker, and social entrepreneur. He’s now a financial psychology and behavioral finance nerd and weekly on-air money expert for the CBS morning news show in Columbia, SC.

In 2014, Steven founded Know Money Inc, a nonprofit that teaches college students how to think and talk about money positively, so they can live carefree, responsibly. He has worked with companies to educate their employees and groups, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Verizon Wireless, Clemson University, Rutgers University, and others.

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