Dollars and Good Sense

Grant Awarded Fall 2019

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Dollars and Good Sense is a live, two-day, “whole family” financial wellness seminar for families in Kelso and Longview, Washington, two of the poorest cities in the entire state.

The innovative approach is two-fold:

  1. To teach core money skills to the entire family — at the same time (in their best learning language)
  2. To engage hurting families with positive core financial literacy that is FUN, safe and guided with caring professionals

Building stronger, healthier communities

As caring local leaders, we know families and small businesses are truly the heartbeat of our community. When they are growing and thriving, we ALL benefit. When they are struggling, we all feel the strain – physically, emotionally and financially.

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About Debbie Todd

Dollars and Good Sense
Debbie Todd is a licensed CPA and certified financial education instructor who works with several community groups helping people get a basic understanding of family financials.

She also has a successful business in the valley. Debbie has been working with youths and adults as an instructor of financial literacy for over 20 years and has developed great methods including interactive teaching, games and workbooks to ensure students grasp the concepts needed to survive and thrive in today’s financial world.

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