Econ Beats

Program Supported Fall 2018

Music and video production can help teach economics.

Econ Beats is a classroom project designed by Dr. Abdullah Al-Bahrani at Northern Kentucky University. The goal of the project is for students to express their knowledge of economics and personal finance through a fun and engaging experience.

It combines economics, music, and video production in one class assignment — a transdisciplinary project that requires students to work together to create an economics-themed song and video to accompany their work.

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About Abdullah Al-Bahrani


Abdullah Al-Bahrani is an Associate Professor of Economics at Northern Kentucky University as well as director of the Center for Economic Education at NKU.

His research on financial literacy and financial outcomes has appeared in the Journal of Consumer Affairs, and the Journal of Housing Research. His teaching has earned him awards at Northern Kentucky University and the Haile/US Bank College of Business.

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