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It’$ My Money Financial Summit

Grant Awarded Spring 2022

It’$ My Money’s mission is to enhance and educate the lives of young adults and college aged-students through financial education to prepare them for their future.

It’$ My Money will host a program for high school students in Hartford county, Connecticut. The students will attend a half-day session to learn various financial concepts like saving, budgeting, credit, side hustles, and entrepreneurship.

The event will include interactive activities and visuals that will allow the attendees to immediately apply the knowledge presented. It will consist of basics of money management such as: budgeting, saving, credit, and side hustles. This will be devolved to high school students in the local under-served communities in Hartford county in Connecticut.

Educate 50 high school attendees about personal finance.

Introduce the attendees to different ways to manage, grow and earn money.

Practical tips that can be helpful for attendees preparing for adulthood.

The It’$ My Money team has held numerous successful youth workshops locally and internationally, including the Young Women’s Leadership Corps at the YWCA, the Windsor Summer Teen Employment Program, Manchester Summer Youth Program, the DCYF Alternative Education Program in Rhode Island, and even the St. Jude’s School for Girls in Trinidad.

Learning Objectives


  • Steps to budgeting
  • Gross vs. net income
  • How to reduce expenses

Managing Expenses

  • Money management apps

Savings Accounts & Tips

  • Banks vs credit unions
  • Interest
  • Ways to save money
  • The importance of saving

Credit, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards

  • What is credit
  • Overview of credit scores
  • How to establish credit
  • Credit cards vs. debit cards

Side Hustles

  • How you can earn money, even while in school, leveraging your skills

Grant Update, Fall 2022

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Program Overview

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About Patrina Dixon

Patrina Dixon photo
Patrina Dixon is a Certified Financial Education Instructor, International Speaker and International Best Selling Author. She is an advocate for financial literacy. Patrina has a passion for serving her community and uses her company, P. Dixon Consulting to help individuals transform their lives by coaching them on money management strategies and how to monetize their skills.
Patrina is shaping the spending and saving behaviors of her clients with a goal of guiding them toward financial independence. Through her education received at the University of Hartford’s Barney School of Business and the disciplines she learned while achieving her Financial Management Certificate from Cornell University allows her to thrive at teaching the importance of financial independence.
The It’$ My Money journal book series and workshops allows Patrina to educate and enlighten youth and families on their finances. She is dedicated to molding the next set of financial leaders. Patrina is also a wife and mom.
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