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The LITeration Project

Grant Awarded Spring 2022

The LITeration Project engages disenfranchised youth from underserved communities throughout The Bronx and Harlem.
Our goal is to teach them through literature how to build their finances. We serve some of the poorest congressional districts in the Country. The students here do not have access to new books, there’s also only one bookstore that services the entire borough. So we decided to do something about the failing reading scores and the lack of knowledge surrounded by finances.
Our objective is to encourage reading but with brand new books and workbooks that specifically focus on Finance. Improving overall reading levels and engaging our youth through representation and relatable experiences surrounded by finances.
We provide our youth with brand new books for them to keep, in every cohort. Our sessions are in person as well as virtual.
We introduce, dissect, and read as a group during sessions and individually. We host weekly and monthly sessions running 4 to 6 weeks depending on the book we’re reading and discussing. Upon full completion and attendance, each youth member receives a financial stipend to start a savings account. The LITeration Project runs consecutively.

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About Cassandra Pryor

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Cassandra Pryor is a mother, sister, and friend. She was born in Harlem by way of The Bronx and is proud to continue to be of service to her community. She firmly beliebes that it takes a village to raise a child and we should strive to be who we needed when we were younger. She teaches, loves, and empowers disenfranchised youth.
Cassandra envisions a community that allows youth to rise to their full potential though having access to all the resources they need. She believes all youth deserve a village of individuals assisting them to pursue their dreams and pushing them to be the best version of themselves.
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