Money on the Mountain

Program Supported Fall 2019

Money on the Mountain is a retreat for financially single women.

The Plutus Foundation sponsored the Money on the Mountain retreat in Denver, just days after Plutus Voices Denver in October 2019. The retreat was a weekend filled with conversations ranging from growing assets through real estate, affording travel, and making bold financial moves as a financially single woman.

Money on the Mountain Retreat

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About Michelle Jackson

Michelle Jackson

Michelle Jackson is mission driven to help her readers and listeners empower themselves financially. Whether it is by improving their personal finances or learning how to sell what they already know-she loves having those conversations.

Michelle runs the website and podcast Michelle is Money Hungry and is the founder of the Money on the Mountain retreat focused on empowering financially single women one conversation at a time. When she’s not geeking out about personal finance you can find her hiking in the mountains of Colorado.

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