My Finances Are Beautiful

Grant Awarded Spring 2017

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My Finances Are Beautiful is a bi-monthly event for women between the ages of 21 and 45, hosted by The Finance Bar.

This free event is open to women and couples in the community who are focused and committed to transforming their financial lifestyle.

This event was created to provide a safe and judgement-free platform for others to share their financial woes and wins, and to learn more about the importance of financial awareness and how we are able to empower one another.

The event begins with a series of activities to engage the audience and always includes an hour long activity focused on a specific topic to avoid overwhelming attendees. The evening ends with Q&A to allow attendees to ask specific questions relevant to their unique situations.

About The Finance Bar

The Finance Bar is a personal finance suite and mobile hub bridging the gap between individuals and financial wellness. We deliver innovative personalized coaching and financial education to schools, organizations, and corporations.

The Finance Bar was born based off of Marsha Barnes’ desire to find creative ways of delivering financial resources to people who need it the most. From imagining a mobile hub that could be transformed into a financial educational station, a quaint and inviting coaching suite that was designed to inspire you while moving you to take action, and an online virtual hub to join in regardless of where you are located, my number one desire was to meet you where you are on your finance journey. So here we are.

Marsha created The Finance Bar because she LOVEs helping women and couples move from financially existing to financially thriving. She’s here to ease the anxiety you experience when you feel financially stuck and to work closely with you to achieve the financial lifestyle that makes you feel confident and secure. The Finance Bar, you no longer have to suffer in silence or feel as though you don’t deserve hands-on help with your finances.

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About Marsha Barnes

Marsha Barnes

Marsha Barnes is the founder of The Finance Bar, whose mission is to bridge the gap between individuals and financial wellness through the delivery of innovative personalized coaching and financial education to schools, organizations, and corporations.

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