The Ripple Effect

Grant Awarded Spring 2018

The Ripple Effect is a pedagogical curriculum to help teachers who have been tasked with teaching personal finance to their students, designed by Joanne Kuster.

Fall 2022 Program Update

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About Joanne Kuster

Joanne Kuster is a business owner and financial educator, who creates unique financial education programs, products and content for companies and organizations. She developed Money Smart Week™ in Iowa for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, built that initiative across the state and created several products the Chicago Fed continues to use nationally.

Ms. Kuster trains teachers, writes the Money Godmother blog and is creator of several games and books, including the awardwinning Stock Market Pie: Grandma Helps Emily Make a Million. She has served on numerous boards and foundations, has received several awards for community leadership, and has been recognized as the SBA Midwest Home-Based Business Advocate of the Year.

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